About Us

A proven track record of deriving real value with interpretable algorithms

Pioneering research to solve real problems

The co-founders met at the Operations Research Center at MIT, where we collaborated with industry partners on many practical applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. These projects demonstrated time and again that the standard black-box approaches to AI were insufficient for solving real problems in industry, given the broad need for transparency and understanding. Driven by these requirements, together we developed many pioneering approaches for interpretability that have been published in the top academic journals of the field, and later became the core products of Interpretable AI.

Since starting the company in 2018, we have been partnering with leading companies in various fields and building interpretable solutions at scale that allow those companies to realize the full potential of their data. We continue to conduct research and remain active in furthering the development of interpretable methodologies.

Our team

We are world experts in the development and application of interpretable methods for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Each member of our team has extensive experience in both the development of new theory and solving practical problems in industry.

  • Dimitris Bertsimas

    Dimitris Bertsimas

    Co-Founding Partner

    Dimitris is a Co-Founding Partner of Interpretable AI and the Co-Director of the Operations Research Center at MIT. He has received numerous research awards, has written over 200 research papers and 4 graduate textbooks that are used around the world. He was a Co-Founder of Dynamic Ideas LLC, the assets of which were sold to American Express in 2002.

  • Jack Dunn

    Jack Dunn

    Co-Founding Partner

    Jack is a Co-Founding Partner of Interpretable AI. He has developed many novel analytics approaches including the Optimal Trees methodology, and has considerable experience applying machine learning and AI to problems in both research and industry settings. He has a PhD in Operations Research from MIT.

  • Daisy Zhuo

    Daisy Zhuo

    Co-Founding Partner

    Daisy is a Co-Founding Partner of Interpretable AI. She has expertise in developing scalable machine learning techniques including Optimal Imputations, with extensive research and industry experience in applications of analytics and AI systems in health care. She has a PhD in Operations Research from MIT.

  • Maxime Amram

    Maxime Amram

    Research Scientist

    Maxime is a Research Scientist at Interpretable AI. He leverages his expertise in machine learning to drive value for organizations, with extensive experience in the latest deep learning developments. He studied data science during his master's at MIT and holds a MS in Applied Mathematics from École Centrale Paris.

  • Luca Mingardi

    Luca Mingardi

    Research Scientist

    Luca is a Research Scientist at Interpretable AI. He is passionate about applying the newest technologies and developments in machine learning to bring value to businesses, and strives to have a significant impact on society through the use of analytics. He holds a Master of Business Analytics from MIT.

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