Taking the guesswork out of artificial intelligence

Interpretable AI builds machine learning solutions that bridge the gap between interpretability and performance

You can't depend on an AI system you don't understand

Current approaches to machine learning and artificial intelligence like deep learning are black boxes. These systems generate predictions based on billions of calculations with no explanations. It is impossible for a human to follow the logic and understand the rationale behind the prediction.

Our interpretable models are fully-understandable by humans, ensuring the logic of the system can be inspected, audited and trusted.

Our interpretable algorithms are transparent and understandable

In real-world applications, model performance alone is not enough to guarantee adoption.

Model transparency allows us to leverage domain knowledge from all parts of the organization, leading not only to better models, but ensuring that the model actually solves the right problem and has buy-in from all relevant stakeholders.

Interpretable AI Algorithms

Interpretability and performance

Based on cutting-edge research published in the top academic journals, our technologies simultaneously deliver interpretability and state-of-the-art performance

Extensive experience developing solutions with partners

We have applied our methods successfully with global partners that are industry leaders. We leverage our expertise in interpretable methods and combine it with the vast domain knowledge in your business.

Available for licensing

Licensing our sofware modules allows data science teams to leverage the power of our algorithms directly. Our current licensing customers include Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and Forbes Top 100 companies internationally.

We provide familiar and flexible interfaces to our methods in Julia, Python and R

All licensing is free for academic users.

World-class expertise and leading research in interpretability

Our algorithms were invented and pioneered by the co-founders, and we continue to develop and publish research in the field. Our research has received prestigious awards, such as the Frederick W. Lanchester Prize in 2021 (awarded for the best contribution to operations research and the management sciences published in the last five years).

Each member of our team holds an advanced degree from MIT in machine learning and data analytics.

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