Handwriting Recognition

Automate reading of human handwriting

From handwritten documents to digital text

Partnering with one of the largest reinsurance companies, we aim to improve on state-of-the-art tools for handwriting recognition.

In three steps, our system is able to identify lines of text in a document, read the characters in each line, and choose the words that will maximize the overall coherence of the text.

Beyond neural networks: sensible language model with better performance

State-of-the-art systems use neural networks to read the characters in each line. What happens when the output of such networks is imperfect?

We add an optimization layer that models the language directly, choosing which words should be read from the overall context. This leads to more sensible and more accurate readings than traditional approaches to decipher words from neural networks outputs.

Fueled by different data sources

Our system is trained and tested on thousands of handwritten documents of various forms: both historical and modern documents. It is thus robust to changes in the handwriting style.

Fueled by this variety of data sources, our system reads 90% of the words correctly on documents written in a writing style unseen in training.

Motivated by pressing real-world applications

Improvements in handwriting recognition benefit to dozens of use cases, including digitization of library content, automated processing of insurance claims, handwritten maintenance reports in factories, clinical notes, and medical prescriptions.

Unique Advantage

Why is the Interpretable AI solution unique?

  • State-of-the-art performance

    Our solution builds on several state-of-the-art parts of the data science toolkit: neural networks, classical machine learning, and optimization

  • Transparency

    The choices of our optimization algorithm are auditable for further manual inspection

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